Ten topics from a good week

forecast There’s a distinctly autumnal look and feel to things this chilly Sunday morning as I sit at the desk in my home office with a second cup of tea of the day and my RSS reader, the digital equivalent of reading through the daily newspapers.

I’m also listening to FIR Live #18, the episode Shel and I did last night that is a terrific conversation among a group of pretty knowledgeable people who talked about the wisdom or otherwise of using Facebook in your marketing rather than your own website. Some great insights from Steve Rubel, Scott Monty, Jennifer Cohen and Dominic Sparkes.

We had an attack of the gremlins with that show on BlogTalk Radio as you’ll see (rather, hear) if you listen to the recording at BTR: it’s in two chunks. The seamless FIR version is the result of Shel’s nifty editing.

On the weather, I suppose we’d better get used to that autumnal feel as summer is definitely over, according to some news reports We may even see snow and sleet next month, says today’s Mirror.

Oh well. Moving along, what’s been happening this week? A lot, actually, as evidenced by my ‘to-blog’ list of topics that, realistically, will never make it into blog posts due to lack of time and opportunity to write them. Plenty of time to tweet but no time to blog. Or is that really the same thing, just shorter-form content?

In any case, here are ten topics from that list that may interest you. They interest me so this post is a kind of bookmark reminder (who uses Delicious any more?).

  • "Star Wars" Saga Goes Blu-ray in 2011
    George Lucas announced today that all six Star Wars films will make their HD home theater debut on Blu-ray disc in fall next year. The box set will include the Special Edition remastered version of the original trilogy. Lucas made the announcement at Star Wars Celebration V, the official co… [More]
  • Facebook Live Launches, Broadcasting Celebrities, Product Launches and More from Company Headquarters
    Facebook debuted its official live video stream channel today, Facebook Live, at the company’s Palo Alto, Calif. headquarters.  Starting now, it is beginning to feature celebrity guests… [More]
  • Virtual Bank Plans for Apps – And Wants Your Input
    BankSimple, the potentially disruptive Web-based banking service started by Twitter forefather Alex Payne, wants your input. The company announced it will be launching an API for use by third-party developers at the same time it releases its first Web- and mobile-accessible banking service to users… [More]
  • Google’s New "Chrome to Phone" Service Should Be on Every Phone
    Google announced a new app and Chrome browser extension this morning called Chrome to Phone. It’s a great-looking little system that lets you click one button in your browser and send links, maps, currently selected text, YouTube videos and phone numbers to your Android device running Android 2.2 or later. Why doesn’t every phone in the world offer this?… [More]
  • Empire Avenue Lands $200K For Stock Market To Measure Social Influence
    Canadian startup Empire Avenue has raised $200,000 in seed funding from a group of angel investors, including Boris Wertz of W Media Ventures. Empire Avenue, which launched to the public earlier this year, people to buy and sell shares in each other. A person’s influence score is their share price, which is calculated… [More]
  • Agencies defend work for foreign regimes following Guardian report
    A fresh debate about ethics in the UK PR industry has been sparked by claims that PR consultancies are increasingly making money from foreign regimes with questionable human rights records… [More]
  • Mark Hurd Had The Lowest Employee Approval Rating (34%) Of Any Major Tech CEO
    Softcore-porn-actress-turned-marketing-consultant Jodie Fisher wasn’t the only person who failed to be enamored by HP CEO Mark Hurd, who was forced to resign as a result of an investigation into his relationship with Ms. Fisher… [More]
  • Should executives on holiday turn off their BlackBerrys?
    The era of 24-hour business raises the question of whether it would be better to have a period of being out of touch with the office… [More]
  • MTV Selects First-Ever Twitter Jockey
    In a live show entitled Follow Me: The search for the First MTV TJ, MTV crowned its first-ever Twitter Jockey (TJ). Last night’s finale was the culmination of the cable network’s several month long quest to find the social media voice and face of the company… [More]
  • Will Europe ever get its own EDGAR?
    European Union securities regulators last week put out a disappointing position paper on creating a central disclosure system — but with so many vested interests to placate it seems implausible that investors will soon have a single gateway to EU securities filings. Rather than create a central database that all issuers in Europe must submit… [More]

Enjoy your Sunday!

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