podcastgenrespart One of the things that continues to surprise me is the lack of niche business podcasts in the UK.

I don’t mean the slickly-produced offerings from mainstream media organizations, of which there are many. By ‘niche,’ I mean podcasts like IABC Cafe2Go, the show from IABC, a professional association (and which I occasionally produce on a volunteerism basis). Or Media Bullseye Roundtable, a discussion podcast on social communication.

Then there are PR- and marketing-related shows such as Donna Papacosta’s  Trafcom News, Eric Schwartzman’s On The Record Online, CC Chapman’s Managing The Gray, Marketing Over Coffee from John Wall and Christopher S. Penn, and Anna Farmerey’s The Engaging Brand.

Plus, dare I say, the For Immediate Release podcast series from Shel Holtz and I.

All have in common a certain informality and genuineness: some of the traits that characterize social media and which, for many people, make such podcasts compelling listening.

With the exception of FIR and The Engaging Brand – the sole example of a niche business podcast wholly produced in the UK – podcasts like these are all produced in North America, either the US or Canada. No others out of the UK that I’m aware of.

Is it lack of good content here? Far from it: Anna Farmery is testament to that. Or perhaps business radio is so good, people are satisfied with that. (Do I really believe that? Nope.). Maybe it’s just lack of interest. Certainly, lack of interest in business podcasting.

Which brings me nicely to the topic that prompted that retrospective on the dearth of UK business podcasts – the latest survey data from RAJAR, the audience measurement organization, on radio listening in the UK that also includes podcasting.

RAJAR’s PDF news release on July 14 summarizes some terrific metrics about radio listening, especially on the use of radio apps on smartphones and how many people listen to internet radio.

But it’s the metrics about podcasting that interest me mostly. And unfortunately, RAJAR’s news release goes into little depth. I imagine you need access to the full research results for that.

Or, an excellent post by Adam Bowie of Absolute Radio in London that includes not only metrics and charts but also comparative stats.