Wikio ranks top UK online marketing blogs

wikiologo21111111[1] This month, European search engine and news portal Wikio is launching a number of new rankings of blogs in specific categories of the UK blogosphere.

One of the new ones joining the scores of existing ranking categories is online marketing, and the first ranking of the top 100 blogs in this category will be published by Wikio on July 5.

Wikio has given me an advance look at a subset: the top 20 online marketing blogs in the UK:

  1. Econsultancy blog (Ent.)
  2. We Are Social (Ent.)
  3. SEOgadget (Ent.)
  4. SEOptimise Blog (Ent.)
  5. Hobo (Ent.)
  6. BlogStorm (Ent.)
  7. Distilled (Ent.)
  8. ICrossing (Ent.)
  9. Murray Newlands (Ent.)
  10. David Naylor a UK SEO (Ent.)
  11. FeverBee (Ent.)
  12. Blending The Mix (Ent.)
  13. SEO Chicks (Ent.)
  14. UK Offer Media Affiliate Blog (Ent.)
  15. SEO Blog (Ent.)
  16. Chris Garrett on New Media (Ent.)
  17. SEO Consult (Ent.)
  18. That canadian girl (Ent.)
  19. No Man’s Blog (Ent.)
  20. 360innovate blog (Ent.)

Ranking by Wikio

As this is Wikio’s first ranking list for online marketing, all are shown as new entries.

How are these blogs ranked and how do you get into the list? Wikio explains it all.

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