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Not only has Facebook gathered huge numbers of members – half a billion at the last count – but the social network has also become the number one social presence in many countries, displacing some home-grown domestic social networks.

A glance at the world map of social networks 2010 you see above shows a clear picture of the colonization (for want of a better word) of Europe, for instance, where Facebook has displaced its competitors in France (Skyrock used to be #1) and Germany (StudiVZ, although they might argue the rank).

Map author Vincenzo Cosenza provides an additional view, showing the top three social networking sites (SNS) in nine countries:


An interesting aspect is how Twitter appears in this list: in second place in Australia, Canada and the UK and third place in France, Spain and the US. I’ve always seen Twitter as a social network as opposed to simply a micro-blogging tool; it looks like many others do as well.

Still, in global domination of online social networks, it looks very clear that Facebook reigns supreme.

(Via Vincenzo Cosenza via ReadWriteWeb)

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Justin Freid

    I'm embarrassed that MySpace is the #2 SNS in the USA.
    Maybe when President Obama is finished dealing with the oil leak he can work on dismantling MySpace.

  2. Phil

    Facebook is on the top of the hills now.This is really a great news.
    One thing that i want share that in the month Of April Facebook Boastet 570 Billion Page Views.Both are great.Facebook is rocking..!!

  3. Poor Albert

    Ok, I know all good things must come to an end, but honestly I miss the 'wild west' days of the internet in many ways (not all ways to be sure). Social network sites dwindling to one or two (and never really enjoyed them as much as many people seem to), search engines to one or two. Even personal webpages are all of the :template: blog: variety and not the 'creative mess' of before. Not altogether bad, but still to me it's the difference between going to the Mall and going to a nice boutique district in the city. So what I am asking: where will it all go from here? Any hope of new and exciting horizons?

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