FIR Speakers and Speeches: Jen McClure and Vinay Iyer on Social CRM

sncr-sap Content summary: SNCR President Jen McClure and Vinay Iyer, vice president of SAP CRM Global Marketing, presented a breakout session, “Intro to Social CRM,” at NewComm Forum 2010 as part of the Social CRM track on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

From the NewComm Forum session description:

There has been broad experimentation with social media channels by both B2B and B2C companies in the past few years. Today, companies are realizing that traditional customer engagement channels like call centers, web and partner channels are not going to go away anytime soon, while also trying to understand what bottom line impact social media channels can have, and how these new channels need to work with traditional models to deliver a consistent and superior customer experience. This has led to a new tool set and approach to customer relationship management – social CRM.

Social CRM has been defined as a philosophy and a business strategy. It involves a new Web 2.0-enabled technology platform, new business rules and workflow processes. Social CRM allows organizations to engage the customer in conversations that provide mutually beneficial value. Join conference host Jen McClure for a discussion with social CRM experts and learn how social CRM differs from traditional CRM, the new business models, the processes, the methodologies, the practices, and the technologies that are part of social CRM.

This session will discuss SAP’s experience in leveraging social media channels for customer and ecosystem engagement as part of an overall customer experience management strategy, and will explore ideas about what the future promises.

A special thanks to Michael Procopio for supplying the recording.

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About Jen McClure

jenmcclure Jen McClure is a communications professional with 25 years of experience in media and communications, and is a recognized expert in the field of social media and new communications. Her career includes work in all facets of media and communications, including journalism, market and media research, media relations, PR, strategic communications and publishing.

She is founder and president of the Society for New Communications Research, a global, nonprofit research and education foundation and think tank focused on the latest developments in new media and communications and their impact on business, culture and society, and co-founder of NewComm Forum, an annual conference focused on teaching organizations how to harness the power of the social web.

About Vinay Iyer

vinayiyer Vinay Iyer is the vice president of SAP CRM Global Marketing responsible for thought leadership and marketing. He has championed the use of social media and Web 2.0 channels for SAP CRM marketing efforts, and aspires to keep SAP CRM in the forefront of new media marketing.

Prior to joining SAP, Vinay held product marketing and business development roles at Siebel Systems in the US and EMEA. Vinay has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from The Wharton Business School.

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