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videocamera Yesterday’s DellB2b Social Media Huddle that took place at Microsoft’s London office – which has excellent facilities for this type of event including robust and reliable wifi – was highly worthwhile, according to much of the comment I heard from many participants in the pub last night after the event. (In the pub: that’s where you get real feedback.)

I agree – I thought it was extremely useful, so many stories, examples, ideas and possibilities shared, discussed and otherwise talked about among the 45 or so people who were there, as well as everyone else following along or taking part online via the #dellb2b Twitter hashtag. Even though I was a speaker and panel moderator, I still learned a lot from others’ experiences and opinions.

I’m sure we’ll see blog posts and other commentary and opinion in the coming days – one easy way to see what’s being said is to follow that hashtag as people will likely include it in their posts and tweets (convenient way to track: subscribe to the RSS feed).

Presentations and sessions during the one-day event were broadcast live on Ustream; you can view recordings of each session. Very professional work by video producers ITM AV. I’m going to highlight one here as I thought it was just great – Rob Shimmin‘s unconference session on "Why B2B CEOs don’t tweet."

Rob’s PowerPoint presentation will be on Dell’s Slidehare area soon.

The audio from the recorded sessions at Ustream will also be made available publicly as FIR Speakers & Speeches podcasts. You’ll find news on when those will be published via the hashtag and mentioned on FIR (I hope to get at least some of that content published next week).

Check out Mel Carsons’s photos on Facebook from yesterday (from which collection comes the video camera pic you see at the top of this page). Nice work, Mel!

One other thing Kerry Bridge and I have planned is to take all of the questions submitted by participants for the panel discussion that I moderated (it starts at about the 54-minute mark in the video; the first segment is Benjamin Ellis’ presentation), post them online in a blog or wiki – anonymized so we don’t specifically identify questioners or their companies unless they give us permission – and invite anyone who would like to contribute an answer to do so.

That way, we start a hopefully useful resource online specifically with Q&A focused on B2B social media. There are almost 30 questions so we have the building blocks for a rich source of useful and credible information asked by people in companies who are looking for answers about social media and business.

Stay tuned to #dellb2b for news.

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  1. Omar Alam

    This is good discussion on social media with B2B usage.

    Always great to hear more information (including stats and opinions) on C-Level execs using the new media and what executive trends are happening.

    Nice video.

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