Stamps for collecting not for posting

The Royal Mail has a terrific series of stamp designs it plans to release on January 7 that features the covers of some iconic British rock music albums over the last 40 years.


The Classic Album Covers collection features album covers from these bands: from left to right, top row – Pink Floyd: The Division Bell, Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head, Blur: Parklife, New Order: Power Corruption And Lies, Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed; bottom row – The Clash: London Calling, Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells, Led Zeppelin: IV, Primal Scream: Screamadelica, David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.

Special stamps are something the Royal Mail has been doing for years and no doubt is a nice earner albeit perhaps a drop in the overall revenue bucket.

In the current climate of confrontational workplace relationships – remember those postal strikes last autumn: the issue’s not resolved, just on hold – it makes you wonder just who would buy such stamps apart from collectors.

I thought perhaps that the Royal Mail’s goal with stamps like these is to appeal to younger members of society to take up letter-writing and posting. But no, I think it’s too late for that.

Collectors’ items they are, then. And it will take up to 5 days to receive your purchase in the mail, according to the Royal Mail website.

That says it all, really.

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  1. Tim Callington

    Ahhh The Royal Mail, a brand with a great heritage but such a missed opportunity. National postal services in other countries seem to be having afairly decent stab at diversifying and staying profitable. The Royal Mail doesn’t seem to be managing it somehow, which is a real shame.

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