Joining dots about social media and B2B

joiningdots Last month, Kerry Bridge and I organized and hosted the Dell B2B Social Media Huddle, a one-day event at Dell UK’s headquarters that attracted more than 50 people from across the UK.

Some came to listen, some to talk, others to present stories of their experiences or thinking regarding social media in a business-to-business context.

One thing seems quite clear from the blog posts and other commentary that’s been published since the event – everyone gained something valuable from being part of this event, whether it was hearing something new or different, validating some thinking through giving a presentation or hosting a discussion, or simply meeting people.

One of the participants was Sharon Richardson, an independent business consultant with solid geek credentials and pretty knowledgeable about SharePoint, who runs her consulting business Joining Dots.

Sharon’s written not one but five separate posts in which she expands and shares her thinking on a range of topics related to the central theme of last month’s event about social media in business:

Whether you took part in the event or not, do give Sharon’s posts your attention: I think you’ll agree that it’s well worth investing your reading time.

Now I see why her business is about joining the dots.

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