A new Twitter app for Windows users from Seesmic

In my experience, the best way of interacting with your community on Twitter is by using a third-party application rather than via Twitter’s website.

My app of choice on the desktop is TweetDeck, a product I’ve been using since it first appeared last year and which I’ve frequently written about.

I also like Seesmic, an app with many similarities to TweetDeck and which is most often compared with TweetDeck in the various app popularity polls and reviews that appear from time to time.

Both TweetDeck and Seesmic are built on the Adobe AIR developer platform, meaning the apps are multi-platform that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux computers – handy from a developer point of view in particular. Both also offer apps for the iPhone.

Now Seesmic has introduced Seesmic for Windows, an application designed to run on Windows computers, and optimized for Windows 7, says Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur.

If you’ve been using the existing Seesmic app, you’ll see from the screenshot (click for a full-size view) that the new Seesmic for Windows app is very similar from the look-and-feel point of view.

I’m trying it and like it a lot based only on usage so far today. Things I notice are how quick it is compared to the version that’s built with Adobe AIR, and the small memory footprint: 74Mb of RAM, according to Windows Vista’s Task Manager.

It’s missing quite a few things I’m used to – the right-click menu you get when you click a user’s avatar is lacking some features, for instance – but it is a preview, a beta, so expect some wonkiness in the early versions.

Great to see a development like this which reflects a clear need in the market for a Windows app as Loic says the “vast majority” of Seesmic users are on Windows.

I’ll contribute comment and opinion as I get to know Seesmic for Windows.