Little trust in Technorati

Is Technorati worth anyone’s attention any more? I ask because I no longer have much faith in the accuracy of their data where Technorati’s information about your own site is different depending on where you see it.

Here’s what I mean. This is what Technorati says about this blog in terms of authority and rank:

The figure on the right shows an authority level of 602. The number on the left shows 1495 which, Technorati says, is the blog’s rank compared to the Technorati top 100 list.

Yet the little widget I’ve had in my blog sidebar for the past four years – which pulls in data from Technorati itself – says only 160, a figure unchanged as far as I can tell for most of this year. That’s a big difference.

I asked about this a month ago in Technorati’s support forum, as a comment to a larger thread. Technorati’s response three weeks ago was this:

The widgets are still pulling data from the old site infrastructure — they’ll be replaced soon.

Since then, silence. ‘Soon’ surely should mean quicker than a month – and it’s still not fixed.

It used to be the case that if I wanted to find out anything going on in the blogosphere, Technorati was the first place I turned to as it was the trusted source. Now, it’s the last place I think about: the first place I go to on the public web is Google Blog Search.

Others are wondering whether Technorati is worth anything these days including my podcasting partner Shel Holtz, who raises the important point of trusting the numbers when you’re considering the authority and ranking of another blogger rather than looking at your own figures.

A huge #technoratifail.

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