Is your iPhone with OS 3.1 crashing too?

Apple released an updated version 3.1 of the operating system for iPhone two weeks ago which brings some great new functionality.

It also brings some not-so-great instability and bugs, it seems, certainly what I’ve experienced a couple of times since that OS upgrade.


After my iPhone just totally died for a while this evening, I tweeted the comment above – and just look at what others said:











I’ve not yet looked at who else is talking about this or any other iPhone problems, but there’s clearly an issue here.

You’d think Apple would be on the case, wouldn’t you? But they don’t pay attention to social media channels.

Apple, wtf?

Neville Hobson

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  1. Joseph Jaffe

    This is such a major fail. Not only won’t my iPhone back-up, but several apps “disappeared”, the battery life has virtually evaporated and it feels as hot as a frying pan. Plus it crashed my Firefox and won’t let my PC restore either.

    Why doesn’t Apple learn?

    • neville

      Disappearing apps is definitely very bad. The battery issue is one I see people tweeting about a lot. So lots of talk but little attention from Apple, it seems.

      Or is it really like that? I came across this CNET Reviews story which, alarmingly, chronicles a huge and sorry state of affairs with this OS 3.1 upgrade which suggests Apple has a huge amount of listening to do. Can’t imagine they’re not doing that. They’re missing the other part of that, though: engaging.

      Talk about Fail!

  2. gregorylent

    Apple HAS to ignore social media comments because they threaten their self-image and self-concepts …. this is quite human, none of us want to be told about our crap …

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