There’s a social media evolution – Part 1

(See “There’s no social media revolution” by Paul Seaman for direct context.)

Over the past few weeks, Paul Seaman and I have engaged in a friendly debate (well, a series of individual blog posts) about social media and whether or not it changes the rules of business.

Paul and I are in opposite camps of belief – he of the “no it doesn’t” school, me of the “I reckon it does.”

I will continue developing and exposing my own thinking in another post here in this blog soon. (This debate already has contributed to the start of a broad fleshing out of thoughts in the post Is ‘social business’ the new black? I wrote the other day.)

Today, though, I’ve recorded a podcast with some comments about some specific elements in Paul’s latest post concerning what he says about General Motors, Dell and Erik Qualman.

I’m not defending any organization or individual: they’re all grown up and can do that for themselves. Indeed, I hope they choose to join the debate, here or at Paul’s blog, or anywhere else.

The more joining the conversation, the merrier.

Chronology so far:

I shall be writing a further post soon. Meanwhile, any and all comments welcome.

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