The consequences of texting while driving

In the UK, using a mobile phone while driving is illegal. That applies to any use of a mobile device, whether to make/receive a phone call or a text message.

A text message? Surely you wouldn’t type texts when you’re driving your car? Would you? Of course not!

But if you do – and it’s more likely that you do in the US where there are no national laws against using mobile devices while driving, I hear from many American friends, and few state laws – you might want to ask any texting friends you have to take a look at this video.

Just be aware it’s pretty explicit, not only in graphic imagery but also in the emotional horror for the protagonist (and I don’t mean the actor):

Don’t let anyone tell you that sending or receiving text messages on your mobile phone is compatible with driving your vehicle.

How can it be? The video is an extreme example of the consequences for not paying attention.

I think that also applies when you’re stationary. So even if you’re at the traffic lights, foot on the brake, aware of what’s happening (you think), and take a photo with your mobile phone, that’s not smart either. And, I have a feeling, it’s probably illegal anyway.

Lesson learned.

Incidentally, the issue of text messaging and driving is becoming a hot topic in the USA at a national level. I would imagine laws will come. Mostly, though it requires a shift in people’s mindsets to realize the risks of doing it.

And the consequences.

(Via David Kusumotovia and Barbara Nixon)

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Simon Collister

    Neville – had heard a few people talking about this but not seen it. I couldn’t watch all the way through.

    I actually being my PR career doing PR/policy for the UK’s national road safety charity, Brake, and one key finding in research around effectiveness of road safety ads was that they failed to show the impact of actions, i.e. they primarily showed the pre-crash action and the effect but not the connecting sequences which is what people tend to be affected by. This clearly does that.

    Thank you for posting.

  2. hgvlgvtraining

    Good post. Thank you. Although it is against the law in the UK, mobile phone use while driving are commonplace. This is mainly down to the lack of manpower to enforce this legislation and lack of education. I work in the commercial transport training industry and through new legislation drivers are required to undego formal periodic training on such matters as road safety. This should include the dangers of using a mobile phone, hands free or not.

  3. Abi Riggs

    I think texting while driving is very dangerous. In my opinion, it should be illegal in the U.S! Don' t you agree ? I think this is a great post, because it does show the consequences of texting while driving, like death.

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