Richard Hare, BAT, on a social media experiment

14:12:04 PM: It’s about tools not solutions, says Richard. #arksocialsoftware

14:13:52 PM: BAT owns 300 brands. I didn’t know that. #arksocialsoftware

14:16:40 PM: Early evolution from Lotus Notes to browser based collaboration tools. #arksocialsoftware

14:24:20 PM: Fascinating story of experiences at BAT for enabling employee connectivity, from a decade ago until now. #arksocialsoftware

14:28:18 PM: BAT started experimenting with blogs in 2004. #arksocialsoftware

14:38:27 PM: BAT: "From Friendster to Facebook." Richard’s talking about social networking. #arksocialsoftware

14:49:41 PM: Richard’s prime tips for social software: just do it, and for yourself; keep it simple; build alliances; … #arksocialsoftware

14:50:15 PM: cont’d: soft launches; tap into people’s mindsets; plenty of feedback; tools not solutions. #arksocialsoftware

15:00:22 PM: Superb session by @RichardHare . Thanks Richard! #arksocialsoftware

Neville Hobson

Social Strategist, Communicator, Writer, and Podcaster with a curiosity for tech and how people use it. Believer in an Internet for everyone. Early adopter (and leaver) and experimenter with social media. Occasional test pilot of shiny new objects. Avid tea drinker.