PR Boo #1

One of the things I often do early on a Sunday morning is an RSS catch-up – an opportunity to go through much of the content I subscribe to in FeedDemon, my RSS reader, and which I’ve bookmarked to read at my leisure.

Today was no different. What was different, though, is that I decided to record a sort of summary of some of the content in a 5-minute Audioboo and share it.

So welcome to PR Boo #1.

Here’s what this is – a commentary in five minutes on five items that caught my attention during the past week from members of the online PR community who write blogs and whose content appears in “Neville’s PR Blogs RSS,” the title of an RSS feed I created last year using Yahoo Pipes that brings together the posts of some 60 PR bloggers around the world in a single RSS feed.

Listen right now:


(If you don’t see the embedded player here – ironically, it may not appear if you’re reading this in an RSS reader – you can listen at Audioboo.

This PR feed is my most useful for keeping up with the posts of active bloggers in the PR community in the UK, continental Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

You can subscribe to it, too.

As for PR Boo, I’ll plan to do this regularly, maybe once a week. A nice and succinct 5-minute overview of some content that caught my attention.

Let me know if you find it useful or not.