iPhone security fixed with OS 3.0.1

When I connected my iPhone to my PC earlier this morning, I got a dialog to tell me that a new version of the phone’s operating system was available.


Version 3.0.1 of the iPhone OS fixes a security issue concerning text messaging (SMS) that Apple (and everyone else, it seems) saw as critical.

Here’s how Gizmodo described it a few days ago:

[…] The flaw involves invisible SMS bursts that allow hackers to gain total control over your phone. The two dudes who discovered it plan on unveiling it at the Black Hat conference on Thursday. They say they told Apple about it a month ago, but nothing’s been done.

So how do you prevent your phone from being hijacked? Well, if you get a text containing only a single square character, turn your phone off. Fast.

And this plea:

Hey Apple, wanna fix this please? That’d be great. Thanks.

Apple did just that, and fast. That’s impressive.

Plug in your iPhone today and get it fixed.

Neville Hobson

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