UKPA becomes ORG Media Makers Group


An email from Dean Whitbread, trustee at (and a founder of) the UK Podcasters Association (UKPA), brings news that the UKPA has joined forces with the Open Rights Group (ORG) in the UK, and will cease operation as a distinct entity on August 22.

Dean says:

The trustees and chairman have decided that it makes a lot of sense in these turbulent times to be part of a bigger organisation, and the Open Rights Group, a close ally and friend of the UKPA since our formation, has been welcoming and constructive.

[…] We do suggest that you do stay involved via the new Media Makers Group within ORG as this is going to be the best way to continue to make our voices heard in the digital arena.

A post on the UKPA website explains this development against a backdrop of how the shape and scale of online media has evolved, causing dramatic changes in how people create and consume media, leading to the UKPA’s decision.

A welcoming post on the ORG website reflects this view, adding:

[…] We want podcast producers and media makers in particular to take the lead in a new Media Makers Group, which will be driven by supporters’ creative energies. This will add significantly to ORG as we produce a new web-zine as the focus for the UK digital rights community.

What does this mean for existing UKPA members? The UKPA post says:

For existing UKPA members, joining forces with ORG is entirely optional, but we do suggest that you seriously consider joining.

The ORG is holding a meeting in London in September where ideas and plans for the new Media Makers Group will be discussed.

Details at the ORG website.

Neville Hobson

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