Twitter 101 for business: just what you need


Even on just a first glance, Twitter 101 A Special Guide is an online resource I’d recommend to anyone thinking of using Twitter to support their business goals.

In fact, for anyone already using Twitter in business, it’s worth reading. You’ll learn things.

Here you’ll find a well-written and realistically-focused collection of web pages that will help you understand why Twitter isn’t simply another traditional marketing channel.

[…] Twitter isn’t just about useful immediacy. The conversational nature of the medium lets you build relationships with customers, partners and other people important to your business. Beyond transactions, Twitter gives your constituents direct access to employees and a way to contribute to your company; as marketers say, it shrinks the emotional distance between your company and your customers. Plus, the platform lends itself to integration with your existing communication channels and strategies. In combination, those factors can make Twitter a critical piece of your company’s bigger digital footprint.

Notable are the best practices guidelines to help you make the most out of Twitter for business.


There’s also case studies where you can see how companies like Dell, JetBlue, Teusner Wines and others use Twitter, what they’ve learned and the benefits they’ve gained.

You can also download a PDF deck, a concise presentation of the key aspects of the guide: a handy offline way to help you understand more about using Twitter in business, as well as being a useful tool to help you explain it to colleagues.

Produced by Twitter the company, this is a resource that you should add to your browser bookmarks for ready reference.

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    Great information as always, Neville. As a regular listener of the podcast, I’d also like to say how useful it is to have a UK view in such a US-centric field. Keep it up.
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