Zero expectation of 118 800


So that explains why the new mobile phone directory 118 800 was unreachable yesterday.

The Telegraph reports:

[…] An online directory inquiry website for mobile phones has crashed due to the volume of owners trying to remove their names from the system.

Up to 16 million out of 42 million telephone numbers were bought from market research firms ready for the launch of last month.

As word spread of the new service however, mobile phone users have moved to have their details removed from the system.

The second paragraph text in the screenshot says:

All ex-directory requests made by people in our directory to date are being processed. There will be no need to resend these requests. And we will take further ex-directory requests when the service resumes. We will not be taking ex-directory requests by phone or text whilst the service is not operational.

As soon as the site’s back up (as I write this on Saturday afternoon, it’s still not), I’ll be there, too, getting my info removed.

Why? Well, no one asked me if I would like to be included in any mobile phone directory. I have no interest in businesses that opt you in without asking and then give you an opportunity to opt out. Cheeky!

In any event, my experience with phone directories of any type is that the only calls I get once someone finds me listed are sales calls or simply calls from people I have no wish to be in contact with (usually more sales-type people not interested in actual conversations).

Why should my expectation of 118 800 be any different?

Anyone who wants to get hold of me by phone can find my number here, free of charge.