Cision’s Top 10 UK PR blogs


Business and communication intelligence firm Cision updated their list yesterday of the top 10 PR blogs in the UK, which now looks like this:

  1. Neville Hobson
  2. PR Media Blog
  3. Drew B’s take on tech PR
  4. The Way of the Web
  5. Spinwatch
  6. PR Studies
  7. Mediations
  8. Northern PR
  9. Stuart Bruce – A PR Guy’s Musings
  10. Sandrine Plasseraud

I don’t know their ranking methodology but I must admit to being quite flattered that my blog is ranked by Cision as the PR blog in the UK.

In prefacing the top 10 list, Cision says:

[…] Covering the latest developments in communications technology, the impact of the web on political dialogue and the convergence of PR with other communications activity, the blogs listed below represent the most visible, engaged and social of the UK PR blogosphere.

I know of all the others blogs, and actually know quite a few of the bloggers themselves. All a good and worthy group on any list!

Cision has produced a number of other lists that rank the UK blogosphere in varying ways [links updated 28/11/10, corrections from Cision]:

Useful and credible business resources.

[Update July 6] Cision has published their research methodology. Interesting to note their reference to “Radian6 technology” as the source for the social media data used in compiling the top 10 list.

Neville Hobson

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