Mining the MJ community


This is going to be huge.

The official Michael Jackson website invites its visitors to share their MJ memories in classic blog comment form. As of writing there are 354 044 memories “from Michael Jackson fans worldwide”, and growing naturally. Meanwhile, the Facebook page now clocks in 2 414 413 fans. On June 26, the same page had 880 991 fans…

(Via The Blog Herald: Share Your Michael Jackson Memories.)

As I write this post, the memories count has gone up to 366,543 and the Facebook fans number is 2,500,059.

[Later] See Nick Burcher’s analysis he posted yesterday: Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Pages gain over 1 million new fans in 3 days.

Note that the official Michael Jackson website is produced by record label Sony Music Entertainment and whose name appears as copyright owner. No Creative Commons there!

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  1. Chris Measures

    Given that most of the traffic at the moment is text/blog based just imagine what will happen to the internet when rich content (such as the funeral) are introduced.

    2,500,059 fans trying to access/comment on video feeds at the same time is going to put a real strain on infrastructure

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