Twitter connections in real life at TweetCamp

tweetcamp09london I’m going to be at TweetCamp London 09 in Richmond tomorrow, June 27.

In common with quite a few others, I want to see what an unconference that focuses on the cross-over of relationships developed primarily on Twitter into the real world is like, what I’ll learn and what I can provide for others who will be there.

Here’s how organizers Farhan Rehman, Desigan Chinniah and Jon Bishop describe TweetCamp London 09:

TweetCamp is about bringing communities together, in real life.  It’s about accelerating the conversations that happen on Twitter, in real life.  It’s about creating richer, more personal connections, in real life.  It’s all about bringing the people together who you know from and through Twitter, into a physical space, and then having some of those great conversations and interactions you would have online, but in real life.

According to the attendee list on the booking website, 190 people are listed to be there tomorrow. That’s quite a crowd.

If you’re not planning to be there, you can still be part of things by following TweetCamp on Twitter, the TweetCamp Facebook group and, of course, the #tweetcamp hashtag.

Looking forward to it all!

Neville Hobson

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