Easy upgrading WordPress to version 2.8

A new version 2.8 of WordPress was released this week and I’ve upgraded this blog to that latest version.

2.8 has some significant new features, enhancements and fixes. What better way to show you what some of them are – just get a load of the much-improved new widgets admin – than with this short WordPress video.


I’ve written quite a few times in the past about upgrading blogs to the latest version of WordPress whenever one is released. Upgrading is usually a pain-free experience as long as you do some simple but important preparation beforehand.

Here are my six steps for upgrading a WordPress installation:

  1. Back up the WordPress MySQL database.
  2. Disable all plugins (yes, every single one) and revert the theme to the WordPress default aka Kubrick.
  3. My hosting service, DreamHost, offers a simple, effective and reliable software installer known as 1-Click. So I run DreamHost 1-Click and wait for email confirmation that the upgrade has been done. That usually takes less than 10 minutes.
  4. Next, log in to the blog and immediately re-enable the two most important plugins: Akismet and Bad Behaviour, the first line of defence against the spammers and other bad guys.
  5. Re-enable the usual theme. (In my case, that’s Thesis. I didn’t enable it immediately as I installed new version 1.5.1 first.)
  6. Re-activate all my other plugins one by one, testing after each one to be sure they work (here’s a list of the plugins I have running, all of which work with WP 2.8).

If your hosting service doesn’t offer a reliable one-click service (such as Fantastico), there is a feature in WordPress since version 2.7 to automatically upgrade your installation.

You could try that. But I would strongly suggest you still follow the 6 steps I’ve outlined; just use the WordPress installer in step 3.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Norbert Mayer-Wittmann

    I love Chat Baker, but I’m still sticking with the original 2.7 (WPMU) because I like the admin bar at the top (very easy to switch between blogs).

    I hope when WP and WPMU move their merge forward, they will bring back this really cool feature (or something similar for easy navigation through the various settings).

    Thanks for the update + info!

    :) nmw

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