Palm Pre and iPhone 3G compared

Palm launches its newest mobile device in the USA tomorrow – the Palm Pre – which some people see as the closest thing yet to an iPhone killer.

Here are the two gadgets compared side by side.


If you’re not in the USA, or in a country where either device is available, just ignore the sections on price, carrier and monthly fee and focus on the physical specs.

The Pre won’t be available in the UK until Christmas according to some reports, so I’m not so excited about the device as my iPhone does me very nicely especially the apps. Plus Apple will be launching a new iPhone soon – maybe announcing it as early as next week – where some of the specs for that device may change.

Still, no doubt I’ll hear lots about the Palm Pre this weekend when I’ll be in San Francisco, and even see it, as Shel is getting one. So I’ll wait until then before saying anything specific about it.

Read Walt Mossberg’s review in the Wall Street Journal – from where the snazzy graphic, above, comes – a really nice gadget, he says, but with some caveats.

There are plenty of other reviews, too, nearly all with glowing things to say. And check out a ‘review of reviews’ from Gizmodo.

Lots going on with mobile devices. The Palm Pre, new iPhone coming, new Nokia models like the N97, interesting approaches to market from Sony Ericsson with its Greenheart concept…

It’s certainly a smartphone buyer’s market these days.

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