Projecting to Brussels for IABC

iabcbe Tomorrow afternoon, May 28, I’m going to be speaking at an event in Brussels organized by IABC Belgium.

“Web 2 EU: Publication 2 Participation” is a half-day conference taking place at the Boston University in Brussels. I’ll be joining Charles Crouch, Helen Dunnett, Philip Weiss and Mathew Lowry to address a range of topics related to Web 2.0 and how to gain influence through wider engagement with people online.

Nothing out of the ordinary with that, you will likely be thinking: a conference, speakers, participants… all the ingredients you’d expect to have at an event.

What’s different is that I won’t be travelling the 228 miles (367 kilometres) from Wokingham to Brussels, a journey that’s not too far as the crow flies but would take at least a good half-day in total to fly there and back or take the Eurostar.

Instead, I shall be here in the comfort of my home office connected to my fellow speakers and participants at the event in Brussels thanks to in Dublin, who are enabling this remote audio-visual hook-up over the net.


Together with event organizer Hugh Barton-Smith and Online Meeting Rooms CEO Joe Garde, we’ve planned something that should make my participation seamless and integral to the overall event, and make it interactive rather than purely a talking-head presentation.

You can be the judge of that if you’re planning on being there!

Details (and online registration) at the event website.

Neville Hobson

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