PR and lawyers next on FIR Live

It’s not unusual for communicators to feel stifled by corporate attorneys whose counsel, often viewed as contrary to the organization’s reputational interests, is rubber-stamped by CEOs.

In the next FIR Live on Blogtalk Radio, Neville and Shel will look at communicators’ perceptions of lawyers (the myths and the realities), explore ways legal and communications can work together, and discuss whether attorneys’ judgments are always best for the company.

Our special guests include Helio Fred Garcia, president and founder of the crisis management firm LOGOS Consulting Group and executive director of the LOGOS INSTITUTE for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership, and a UK-based attorney to be named shortly law academic and commentator Mike Semple Piggot,  aka CharonQC, the man behind Charon QC The Blawg and Insite Law Magazine podcasts.

[Update May 23 about another special guest:] Jim Golden, Chattanooga, Tennessee-based attorney specializing in negotiation of early reasonable settlements in complex accident and commercial disputes, avoiding or shortening litigation and significantly reducing client costs. Adapting theory learned at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School to the practical needs of firm clients, he provides leadership in an area of legal practice he describes as "negotiation counsel." Golden, who has represented the trucking industry, among others, has views about what companies can and could say that run counter to what you hear from most corporate counsel.

FIR Live #14 is set for Tuesday, May 26, 2009, at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm UK.

Please join us with your questions, observations, and stories. Call in at +1 347 324 3723 to listen or to join the conversation, or listen in on the FIR Live page at BlogTalk Radio.

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