Neville Hobson

New Google Chrome is really fast

A new version of Google Chrome was released yesterday with Google claiming the web browser is up to 30% faster than previous versions and with some new features included.

Iâ€d agree with the claim that itâ€s faster. In my (wholly unscientific) tests since installing it yesterday, itâ€s notably faster especially when compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer, two other browsers whose latest versions I have installed on my Windows PCs.

In my experience so far, the elapsed time from clicking the Chrome icon to being able to open a web page in the browser is under five seconds. That is fast! Itâ€s about 50% faster than the previous version, in my experience, and hugely faster than running Firefox.

What about Internet Explorer? Letâ€s just say, I prefer Chrome.

Hereâ€s what Google says is behind the increased speed in the latest version:

[…] Thanks to a new version of WebKit and an update to our JavaScript engine, V8, interactive web pages will run even faster. We’ve also made sure that JavaScript keeps running fast even when you have lots of tabs open. Try opening a bunch of web applications and then running your favorite benchmark. You can read more about V8 in our JavaScript scalability post on the Chromium blog.

Thereâ€s more information on the Google Chrome blog about the new version including some details on new functionality.

Iâ€ve decided to make a complete switch from Firefox to Chrome now. Not a light decision – especially as Iâ€ve been with Firefox since 2004 – and one that means doing without some useful functionality provided by Firefox addons that donâ€t exist in Google Chrome.

But nothing really so essential to prevent a switch to a browser that is just reliable and very fast by comparison.

So I manually installed the new version last night, ran the “import bookmarks and settings” wizard  to grab all my bits and bobs from Firefox (a lot of things, resulting in a Chrome crash) and here we are today.

I recorded an Audioboo last night with some immediate impressions. (If you see the Flash player at the top of the page, you can listen to it here and now without downloading the MP3 file.)

Hopefully, itâ€s a good move long term. Weâ€ll see.

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