A voluminous reading list

One of the benefits of being a blogger and podcaster is that writers (and publishers) of business books are happy to let you have a copy of their work in case you might review it.

I’m always willing to read a relevant book and then do a review, typically as an FIR Book Review podcast.

While the input (the books) flows well, the output (reviews) hasn’t really matched it this year as the Christmas reading list indicates.

And that list just got bigger with the addition of these three new books:

book-robbrown book-hughmacleod book-phillipsandyoung

Both the PR titles have just been published; Hugh MacLeod’s volume is due out next month.

My plan is to have reviews of these latest three done and published by the end of this month. That plans looks good at the moment: I’m about half-way through Rob’s book, nearly finished Hugh’s, and will start David’s and Philip’s in a day or two.

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Craig McGill

    Rob’s book is a really good read – it’s entry level basic, but it’s that very thing which I think will make it a must-have for many PR operators.

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