Stowe Boyd at Somesso London 09

9:53:33 AM: Title of Stowe’s presentation: Unmarketing and The Webful Brand. #smo09

9:58:20 AM: People are ‘called’ to unmarket, says Stowe, it’s a vocation. #smo09

9:59:12 AM: Edglings, he calls them. Clearly a Star Wars fan. #smo09

10:00:28 AM: Markets are conversations isn’t enough today, Stowe says, need to do more than just trot out that phrase. #smo09

10:06:41 AM: @DT I agree with Stowe, though, that we need to move on from simply trotting out Cluetrain quotes, as many seem to do. #smo09

10:08:03 AM: ‘A company should live in the web.’ Right on. #smo09

10:11:08 AM: Have to move on beyond ‘markets are conversation.’ Need more than just conversations, Stowe says. #smo09

10:16:37 AM: People are strying to find out who they are. A good note on which Stowe ends his session. #smo09

Neville Hobson

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