Marilyn Pratt, SAP, at Somesso London 09

2:59:14 PM: She’s a community evangelist at SAP US. #smo09

3:02:06 PM: Marilyn writes a blog: #smo09

3:05:45 PM: You need diversity, density and dynamism to create a healthy community, says Marilyn. #smo09

3:06:40 PM: Example of SAP Community network in 200 countries. #smo09

3:07:41 PM: One thing defined each one: first built a discussion forum, a ‘virtual water cooler.’ #smo09

3:09:36 PM: The SAP Community Network: “a place to rant” #smo09

3:12:00 PM: Some SAP Network stats: 1.6m members, 20k new members per month, 4.5k bloggers, 6k forum posts per day, 600k uniques/month. #smo09

3:13:34 PM: Marilyn walked here today from her digs in Finsbury, to observe community. Idid the same, walking here from Islington. #smo09

3:17:25 PM: Final presentation point from Marilyin: To build and lead a community, you must be in listen mode. #smo09

Neville Hobson

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