Lloyd Davis at Somesso London 09

3:20:59 PM: @Listening to @lloyddavis describing the Tuttle Club. http://tuttleclub.wordpress.com/ #smo09

3:23:37 PM: Lloyd make a good point with “it’s not about me it’s about you.” Isn’t that at the heart of community-creating? #smo09

3:24:40 PM: Lol @lloyddavis : “Girls come and they’re not just in PR either.” #smo09

3:30:21 PM: Love that the pics so far in @lloyddavis’ PPT are from the Tuttle days at the Coach. I loved it there (apart from the wifi heh). #smo09

3:37:28 PM: @andypiper, remember: the backchannel is the frontchannel (per @eugenelee). #smo09

3:39:28 PM: Thanks @lloyddavis, good to see and hear you talking about Tuttle the way you did. Passion. #smo09

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