Jason Falls at Somesso London 09

10:45:35 AM: AudioBoo: Somessoboo1 http://is.gd/A5GJ

10:46:00 AM: Capturing tweets in Live Twitter about @jasonfalls speaking at #smo09

10:46:40 AM: Jason’s pesentation is about social media in regulated industries. #smo09

10:48:16 AM: ‘Social media requires a different mindset,’ says Jason. The foundational statement. #smo09

10:52:44 AM: Examples: financial industry, pharma, healthcare, insurance. #smo09

10:54:23 AM: Another example: spirits industry. That’s drinks :) #smo09

10:57:08 AM: Jason’s talking about DISCUS codes. Muts be US specific, new to me. #smo09

10:59:39 AM: In case you’re wondering: info on DISCUS codes. http://bit.ly/Ts4mh #smo09

11:00:37 AM: Guidelines are necessary, says Jason. Agree: everyone must know how to play the game. #smo09

11:02:56 AM: “The best lawyers are the ones who try to say yes.” I like that. #smo09

11:04:03 AM: RT @andrewgerrard: @jangles But…if you don’t like the game – change it. #smo09 <- within the guidelines, right?

11:04:58 AM: RT @podcaststeve: @jangles Excellent, thanks. Found it and I’m alerting my insurance client. <- @jasonfalls will be happy! #smo09

11:07:08 AM: The detail of everything Jason talked about today is on his blog: http://bit.ly/5dUzE #smo09

Neville Hobson

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