Bid for two creative catalysts in London

adhocniumebay I love seeing different thinking about business relationships and some action resulting from that different thinking.

Here’s a terrific example: AdHocnium founder (and my colleague in our venture) Chris Heuer will be in London next week, fresh from his participation at the Next09 conference in Hamburg.

While he’s here, Adriana Lukas – another member of the Adhocnium team – will join him in auctioning two hours of their time on eBay for a consulting assignment in London on Wednesday May 13.

[…] This is a low cost way for a smart company to take our minds for a test drive, to see if what we know, and to improve what you are doing with social media, marketing and web strategies to make your organization more succesfull in these efforts.  At present, the bidding hasn’t begun, so it is starting off at $50usd!

Place your bid on eBay now.

Why would we auction our time off instead of working hard to get our going market rate of $350 per hour for our time? While the answer is a bit complicated, its also very simple.

Read what Chris’ has to say.

Seems a bargain to me. Especially with free shipping. :)

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