Wikio Top 30 UK tech blogs for May 2009

The latest monthly ranking information for UK blogs is about to be published by Wikio, the information portal and news search engine.

As with recent months, my friends there have let me see some of that data – the ranking of the top 30 UK tech blogs for May 2009:

  1. imran.ali
  2. Blah! Blah! Technology
  3. TechCrunch UK
  4. The Guardian Technology blog
  6. Coolest Gadgets
  7. The Red Ferret Journal
  8. TechDigest
  9. Geeky Gadgets
  10. NevilleHobson
  11. jkkmobile
  12. Gadget Venue dot com
  13. Dial-a-Phone
  14. BBC Internet blog
  15. Econsultancy blog
  16. broadstuff
  17. Speckyboy – WordPress and Design
  18. BlogStorm
  19. – UK Gadget News
  20. the::unwired
  21. Telegraph Blogs – Shane Richmond – Technology
  23. Phones Review
  24. OUseful.Info, the blog…
  25. Light Blue Touchpaper
  26. Wonderland
  27. Blog.Spoon Graphics
  28. GadgetLite Blog
  29. GadgetGrid
  30. Simon Willison’s Weblog

Ranking by Wikio.

Two notable points:

This top 30 list is a subset of the complete ranking. See the full list of the top 100 technology blogs in the UK which Wikio should have updated to May within the next 24 hours.

Neville Hobson

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