2 hours only: Somesso tickets 50% discount


A real deal, says Somesso.


Because it’s a sunny day, and we’re feeling generous, we’ve decided to have some fun. So some time between now and Friday, we will be offering a 50% DISCOUNT on tickets to Somesso London 2009 – for two hours only.

We’re not going to tell you when, just yet though. When the time comes, we’ll announce it through our Twitter account @somesso. So pass this on, follow twitter.com/somesso, and keep your eyes peeled!

50% off Somesso tickets, for 2 hours only, some time between now and Friday evening. Watch this space!

Somesso London 09 takes place on Friday May 15 2009. The 50% discount represents a saving of up to almost £300 off the full ticket price.

The moment for getting half-price tickets is today, between 1530-1730 GMT (that’s between 4.30pm – 6.30pm in the UK).

Not sure about this? Not convinced you should be at not only a feature-packed conference about enterprise social media but also that the venue is one of championship football’s halls of fame: the Emirates Stadium, home of The Gunners?

Andrea Vascellari could convince you.

You could also get a free ticket by winning the FIR Listener Contest. Plenty of time to think about your entry: the contest runs until May 8.

Disclosure: I’m involved in promoting the conference as part of a blogger relations programme the organizers are running: I get a free ticket for doing that. It includes running the contest for a listener to the FIR podcast to win a free ticket.

So, see you there!

Neville Hobson

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