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audiobooavatar One of the hottest apps for the iPhone is Audioboo, a free services that lets you record up to five minutes of audio on your iPhone and then publish the recording to the web.

It’s audio blogging made easy. I’ve been using it since it launched in March and love it for its simplicity and ease of use – just load the app in your iPhone, touch ‘record’ then ‘start’ and you’re away.

If you don’t have an iPhone (or iPod Touch, with wifi connectivity), Audioboo has been out of reach for you. But a new service that’s still in the early development stage could change that, enabling anyone with any phone, mobile or landline, to use Audioboo.

It’s called Phoneboo.

I first came across mention of Phoneboo last week in a tweet by Mark Rock, Audioboo’s CEO, and then more detail in an earlier post on the Audioboo blog.

I tried it this morning, registering my Nokia mobile phone with the service and then calling the UK number and recording a boo.


It worked perfectly although the resulting audio quality of the recording is significantly inferior to that of a boo recorded on the iPhone.


Then I thought, what about calling in via Skype? Given that the service requires you to call a UK number (at the moment, anyway), that means an expensive international call if you’re outside the UK. Not if you can use Skype.


Nor perfect and quality is definitely poor compared to recordings on the iPhone. But these are early days as is apparent from Audioboo’s blog post:

[…] Where this becomes interesting in the future is as a low cost, highly adaptable way to record 2 way conversations – essentially interviews – and get them on the social web with the minimum of hassle & time. Now that could be really interesting for cash strapped radio & local media companies. Heck – we might even have a look at Skype integration next!

Don’t you just love great ideas and seeing them develop?

Now you can try Audioboo, too.

And, by the way, just look at how Audioboo is growing in popularity and use: stats from a series of tweets by Mark Rock last Friday April 24:

  • Audioboo files served in the past week: 339,000
  • 18,000 audio clips created
  • 12,357 registered users
  • 20,000 Audioboo apps installed (in total)
  • 62 Phoneboos users
  • 2 million audio downloads since launch
  • Stephen Fry maxed out the servers with 55 plays a second, just up from the G20 50
  • Server costs up 400% (gulp)
  • 57,102 pages views yesterday
  • Top referring site for Audioboo (guess?) Twitter. Next is Guido Fawkes

Naturally I posted a boo re these stats. :)


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