Creating a business book made of tweets


I’m taking part in an interesting experiment to create a business book entirely via 140-character comments posted on Twitter.

It’s the brainchild of Toby Bloomberg:

So what’s a Twitter-book you may be asking? It’s a book written using Twitter as platform and distribution channel. Social Media Marketing GPS #smgps is the first business book to experiment with this format.

This Twitter-book is structured as a "real" business book and includes: a foreword, introduction and chapters. Each chapter will have a 1 question interview with people knowledgeable about the topic. All posts will be hash-tagged #smgps.

My contribution was a series of tweets on how podcasts can support and extend a social media strategy for Chapter 6 in the book, which I did yesterday.


You can read those tweets, all 24 of them, which Toby captured in a post on the SMGPS blog.

As it’s about podcasting, you can also listen to or download a narration which I recorded after tweeting (and if you see an embedded Flash player at the top of this page, you can listen here and now).

unfollowing Planning the tweets took a little forward thinking as the order in which you tweet is the reverse of what comes naturally to reading (compare what you see in the screenshot above to what Toby posted).

Plus I learned an important lesson about how and when you tweet doing something like this that can look like loud noise or even spam to some people, who might react in a way you might not wish, eg, by unfollowing you.

That happened! (Sorry, jsenior.)

My mistake was sending out 24 tweets one after the other in just two batches of 12 each. No wonder James said ‘AKK’. Next time: space them out far more, maybe one or two minutes in between tweets.

Still, the Social Media Marketing GPS Twitter book is an interesting idea and I’m happy to be part of it all.

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