flutter I had a huge laugh at the idea of Flutter in “Think Microblogging is Hip? Try Nanoblogging!” and the rather good video parody on stereotype users of Twitter and other social networks.

Especially this paragraph:

[…] people aren’t necessarily sick of social networking as they are of all the "gaming" of social media systems. Who’s the most popular Twitterer? How many friends do you have on Facebook? Those vain social status games are what I find tiring. What’s not tiring is simply connecting and networking. After all, networking is as old as man. It simply adapts to the technology at hand.

Sums it all up pretty well.

Neville Hobson

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  1. broadstuff

    Twitters too long? – try Flutter!…

    Spoof on Twitter, the Attention Deficit disordered via the new “nanoblogging service” Flutter. The more I look at it, the less I think its a joke and it has real applications, esp in m2m comms.

    (Hat tip Neville Hobson for this video from Slate…

  2. Benjamin

    Made me still first thing in the morning. Parody is always good for showing the downsides of something. “There’s no ‘I’ in Nano-Blogging” – brilliant.

    The comment about people trying to game the system hits the nail on the head. Almost any social platform is good, until people try and game it. Marketing and PR folks take note…

  3. prblogs (prblogs)

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    Hobson: Resonance: I had a huge laugh at the idea of Flutter in “Think Microblogging is Hip? Try Nanoblog.. [link to post]

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