Sign in with your Twitter account to comment

If you’ve left a comment on this blog during the past ten days, you will have noticed an additional option on the comment form to identify yourself with your Twitter account instead of providing the required information of your name and email address.


This functionality is provided by Twit Connect, a nifty plugin for WordPress created by Shannon Whitley (he who created the very useful Chat Catcher plugin for WordPress).

Why would you, as a would-be commenter, want to use this?

Well, on a simple level, it lets you sign in to a blog without directly disclosing any information about you: instead, you connect to your Twitter account and it gives authority to the blog you’re on to allow you to comment there.

So Twit Connect allows the blog access to some of your information on Twitter (one site), and gives that to the site you want to leave a comment on (another site: mine, for instance), without sharing all of your identity.

Here’s the tech explanation: it does this via OAuth, an open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop, mobile and web applications (detailed information if you want to read that).

It seems similar to the sign-in concepts of Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect. I like Twit Connect, though, for its simplicity.

I hope you find it useful here. Let me know what you think.

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