Checking out Norton Internet Security

Finally I’ve had some time to set up a software app on my desktop PC to test it out and see what I think of it.

The product is Norton Internet Security 2009 and I have a copy courtesy of Jason Mical and Tom Howells of Edelman and SpookMedia respectively.

I’ve now installed it; the Flickr slide show above includes the screenshots I grabbed, some of which I plan to include in the first review I’ll write about the app soon, over on my tech blog.

I’ve used many Norton products over the years, from Norton Utilities for DOS and Norton Commander for DOS way back in the 80s to Norton Internet Security suites in recent years. The most recent Norton product I’ve used was a 3-PC license for Norton 360 when it first came out.

(Incidentally, there’s a worthy successor to that brilliant Norton Commander for DOS that I’ve been using for nigh on 15 years: Total Commander for Windows.)

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Norton over the years – and spent not insignificant sums of money buying subscription services – which ultimately resulted in my switching to the McAfee Security Center a year ago.

But I have an open mind about products like this, ones that you don’t think much about yet are important first lines of defence on your computer against the bad guys out there.

There are other such products but I don’t have much interest in considering those – you can find plenty of comparison reviews like this one if you want to make your own comparisons.

So I’ll be checking out the latest Norton offering from Symantec. Who knows, I may come back to Norton on all my PCs.