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Easy audio blogging with Audioboo


Hereâ€s the coolest iPhone application Iâ€ve found so far this year – Audioboo.

What you do with Audioboo is simple: record audio on your iPhone and publish the recordings to your Audioboo account on the web, complete with your geo-location data if you choose to include that via an option on the iPhone when you first use the app.

Your account has an RSS feed so anyone can subscribe to that feed and get all your boos.

Iâ€ve been playing with Audioboo for the past few days and, frankly, Iâ€m addicted. I do have an affinity for recording audio, I admit, far more than with video, so if I find something appealing in this area, Iâ€m probably predisposed towards wanting to like it.

Recording is very easy to do: hit the ‘Start†virtual button on your iPhone screen and talk. Hit ‘Pause†to stop and then ‘Publish†to complete. Could hardly be simpler. The app takes care of all the production and uploads the resulting MP3 audio file to your Audioboo account.

Recording quality is astonishingly good, a testament to some excellent design and manufacture with the components of the iPhone as well as Audioboo’s software development.

Listen to an example boo here, one I did last night about Apple’s specs for the iPhone 3.0 update:


(If you donâ€t see the embedded Flash player, you can listen at Audioboo.)

While the app on the iPhone works well, other elements of the experience leave much to be desired, especially the website.

But thatâ€s ok for now – London-based Audioboo went public less than a week ago and are working on making the website far better as well as building out some nice additional features and functionality such as enabling you to keep copies of recordings on your iPhone.

One of the developments that has already come to fruition is the release yesterday of version 1 of an Audioboo plugin for WordPress that lets you display your recent boos as a widget in your blogâ€s sidebar. (I tried it on this blog, but couldnâ€t get it to work – lots of flash players with ‘undefined†errors. Iâ€ll give some feedback and try again when version 1.1 comes out.)

TechCrunch UK has a good write-up and Audioboo also gets some good coverage in CNET News as part of an overview piece about South by Southwest 2009.

Last weekend, I discovered Cinch from Blogtalk Radio, a tool that lets you record via the phone. Itâ€s great; Iâ€ve been using it with Skype so calls to its US number to record are low cost.

But Audioboo is far easier to use and has literally no direct cost if you connect to your Audioboo account from your iPhone via your own or a free wifi service. Of course, you need to have an iPhone which isnâ€t a requirement for Cinch.

Itâ€s not really valid to compare the two services. The only thing they have in common is that they enable you to record audio and publish it to the web. The means to do so are different.

Both have a place. Yet I know which one Iâ€m in love with!

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