A Twitter Mosaic mug

20022009667sm A whole industry has sprung up around Twitter, the microblogging service that attracts lots of money but isn’t yet too concerned with making any itself.

Leave that to other entrepreneurs to monetize Twitter with the imagination to create something that others might be willing to pay for.

Like Twitter Mosaic and Zazzle, who have teamed up to produce merchandise with a mosaic of your Twitter friends’ icons on a t-shirt, a mug, a mousemat and other items.

I ordered a mug last week which I got today. It’s very nice as the photo I took suggests. You get a better sense, though, of how cool the mosaic on the mug is by seeing it in this short video I made.

I don’t know how Twitter Mosaic selects which Twitter friends’ avatars to include, nor the order in which they are included. And if you don’t see your avatar in the video, it’s not my fault!

The Twitter Mosaic mug is a bit of a pricey item to order from the UK as the shipping cost (£6.98) is not far off the cost of the item itself (£10.95).

Still, you gotta have one, haven’t you? :)

Drew Benvie had a good idea, tweeting to suggest that people whose Twitter icons are shown on the mug could tag themselves on the photo. You can also do something similar on the YouTube video with annotations.

Why not? More ways to connect community.

[Update Feb 24] One of my Twitter buddies, Ken McGuire in Ireland, also has a Twitter Mosaic mug (the large size!) and has also done a great video review.

Watching Ken’s video, I noticed his reference to being able to create Moo minicards at Twitter Mosaic. That’s new since I last looked.

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