Who would you trust least?


Thinking a little about trust, the topic of discussion this evening in FIR Live on BlogTalk Radio, and looking around the web I came across a post from US blogger David Armano, via Tim Malbon, containing the image you see above.

David calls this the “Professional Prism of Trust.” He doesn’t explain it; I suppose it is obvious, so perhaps it doesn’t need explanation – according to David’s chart, you trust your doctor far more than you trust your social media expert.

While the chart may be a little tongue in cheek as David notes in his own comment, you have to ask: can a social media expert really be lower in anyone’s feeling of trust than, say, a snake-oil salesman?

Well, 25 or so people broadly agree in the post’s comments, many of whom have also weighed in with their different takes on David’s prism.

A banker could be lower, I reckon. A lot lower.

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