Twitter tracking Davos


This is how I’m keeping track of what the buzz is about at the World Economic Forum meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland – tracking Twitter comments on the hashtags #davos and #davos09.

I’ll jump in to the Twitter Search stream that you see above from time to time. I’ve subscribed to an RSS feed of that stream; that comes into FeedDemon, my RSS reader, where it gets filtered according to key words and phrases I’ve set up on things I’m interested in tracking without having to wade through everything to find what I want. I can then review that at my leisure, even if I’m offline.

You’re not following any of the mainstream media reporting? I hear you asking.

In a word, no. Other than catching summaries on the BBC News channel when I typically might tune in late evening, a highly social medium like Twitter is primarily what I’m paying attention to, backed up by my RSS reader.

It’s simple, really. If I see my friends twittering about something, that’s like a recommendation for me to also check it out. If I see lots of people mentioning something, and that includes many of my friends, then I’ll also check it out.

I don’t have time nor the inclination to wade through screenfulls of reporting and worthy commentary in the mainstream media and the blogosphere. In any event, many reporters are themselves twittering.

Succinct 140-character pointers work for me.

Neville Hobson

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