First UK use of Twitter on live TV?

Did the first use of Twitter on live TV in the UK happen this morning? These tweets by ITV presenter Phillip Schofield certainly suggest so:


I did tune in to “This Morning” for a few minutes after catching the first tweet. I didn’t see the actual moment of tweeting, though.

Schofield’s show is not one I usually watch (I’m clearly not the desired demographic); if nothing else his tweets captured another viewer, albeit for a fleeting moment :)

While there’s been plenty of talk about Twitter on TV recently (and also, enthusiastically, by Phillip Schofield), no one’s actually used it on live TV as far as I know.

If this were radio, it wouldn’t be the first use of Twitter in these islands (stretching geography a bit) – Irish radio presenter Rick O’Shea first experimented with Twitter on his live RTE2 radio show last year.