Watching the Watchmen

watchmensmiley I’m watching with great interest some of the social media communication Dan Light is involved with as part of the marketing for Watchmen, a movie about American superheroes based on a DC Comics series, due out in the UK on March 6.

Directed by Zack Snyder – who directed 300, adapted from a classic Frank Miller graphic novel – the flic is at the top of my ‘must see’ list at the cinema for this Spring.

I’ve worked with Dan before on movie marketing and Second Life, notably on the movie 300 in 2007, during my time with crayon.

I’ve also seen some of the other cool things Dan and his colleagues at The PPC have done with a movie franchise and a virtual world: Bruce Willis and Die Hard 4 also in 2007 comes readily to mind.

So watching what’s building up for Watchmen is highly interesting. And entertaining. See what you can discover.


Quite a bit of ‘coming soon’ to pique your interest. Wonder what’s planned for the iPhone.

It also looks like there could be a special screening of the movie in London specifically for bloggers, similar to what Dan organized around the movie 300 in 2007. So far, around 50 people have signed up with expressions of interest. That would certainly increase the viral nature of communication about the movie. I hope it does happen.

So a marketing and PR campaign to watch. And nice work, Dan, in the coverage you’re getting, eg, this feature in The Industry Standard.

Neville Hobson

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