Does Google Friend Connect have a point?

Early last month, I signed up for Google Friend Connect, the service that Google says lets you offer visitors to your site the means to be part of a community.

It’s great, I think, as in a very short space of time, the number of people who have joined this site through Google Friend Connect has now reached ninety.

On the site, in the right-hand sidebar (scroll down a bit to see it), you’ll find the Google Friend Connect widget which is where you interact with the service.

So ninety people, all of whom I’m thrilled to see as part of a community at, as well as in quite a few other places around the web. Some of these 90 are also friends, 15 so far in fact. Great!

I have to ask, though – what is the point of Google Friend Connect?

I’ve googled for “how does google friend connect work”. That always produces lots of results to tell me, well, how it works but not how it works, if you see what I mean.

Posts like How Google Friend Connect Works on the Google Code Blog. Helpful, no question.

Yet – and I’m sorry if I seem ignorant, but I really do want to know – I still ask: What’s the point of it? Why would I want to be part of Google Friend connect on someone’s blog, or someone join it on my blog? Once we all do that, then what?

One post that also turns up in the Google search I mentioned earlier is Google Friend Connect: What’s the Point? (a pretty apt title, I must say) on Web Worker Daily.

Now, these are folk who know an awful lot more about Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect, OpenID, etc, than I do. And if they’re asking the same question, then, Houston, we have a problem.

Can anyone offer an answer? Thanks.

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