What’s it like to be the chairman of GM?

There’s an interesting interview with Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, by Andrew English in yesterday’s Telegraph Motoring.

If you follow news and events surrounding GM and the American auto industry, you’ll find it a highly readable interview, conducted during the Detroit Motor Show that runs from January 11-25.

It offers another dimension on the leader of a company seen by many as being at the heart of the present global financial crisis. The article sub-heading is “What is it like to be the chairman of General Motors?”

The story also highlights one of the bread-and-butter aspects of public relations practice in getting senior corporate executives in front of influential mainstream media journalists.

Andrew English’s story starts like this –

With two PR minders sitting comfortably, the six-foot four-inch chairman of the world’s largest car company is fussing around making me a drink. George Richard "Rick" Wagoner is like that. […]

and ends like this –

[…] Mannered to the end as ever, Wagoner thanks me for coming, then turns to politely greet another party of journalists coming to tell him how to run his company.

That’s what it’s like to be the chairman of General Motors at the moment.

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