Better luck next time

lotto I bought a ticket for the National Lottery’s Lotto prize draw yesterday.

It’s the first time in well over a year that I’ve played the Lotto game. So I don’t have any magic formula, no treasured numbers that have proven their worth before, nothing like that.

I stood at the Lotto stand in Sainsbury’s, trying to ignore the impatient queue behind me as I thought up what might have been the winning combination. As I paid my £1 and collected my ticket, I noticed how the print quality has improved since I last bought one. The last time, it was poor-quality dot matrix. This time, crisp and clear sold black ink. It looks like it’s done by a product called PrintSec from Software Imaging.

And the Lotto draw last night with its £5.7 million rollover jackpot? Close, with one correct number! But not close enough. :)

Neville Hobson

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