The TweetDeck model: not just about Twitter

Iain Dodsworth, London-based developer of TweetDeck – one of the the hottest apps built on the back of Twitter, to help you manage your Twitter community – is securing funding of $500,000 in an angel investment round led by US-based Betaworks.

Congratulations, Iain!

He clearly has plans for TweetDeck with the development of TweetDeck Pro. See what he has to say about that in this 3-minute video conversation with the Wall Street Journal’s Peter Kafka.

Note some of the wording Iain uses, especially “it’s not just about Twitter” and “a dashboard for monitoring social networks.”

I met Iain a week ago at the Social Media Cafe in London. I enjoyed a great conversation with him, as did a few other people.

Iain Dodsworth and TweetDeck – two to watch.

Neville Hobson

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